Thoughts From a Successful Insurance Agent

The Hows and Whys of My Journey as an Insurance Professional.

An Interview:

What prompted you to enter the insurance profession?

A friend of mine uses a certain reputable independent insurance agency and he heard through the grapevine that they were in need of more agents. I was in the market for a try, so I called the agency and I went in for the job interview. Since then, it’s been a genuine partnership.

What sort of schooling was required of you?

I had to undergo a forty-hour insurance agent course that taught me about the related legalities of the insurance world. I then took the NJ exam and passed. I graduated the course as a licensed insurance agent. But the chief tutoring came on the job. The agency management bent head over heels, so to speak, for me to learn the ropes as far as insurance sales go. At first, they assigned someone to accompany me as I met and solicit business through walk-ins or cold calls. Nothing compares to being walked through the insurance agent process than being proctored by someone with decades in the business. That experience really brought me to the level of expertise that went henceforth to success in the industry.

So, the agency was encouraging and accommodating from day one?

One bold word in capitalized letters: YES! Getting the support from such an upstanding award-winning agency that does direct business with scores of the leading underwriters in the country was the driving force that got me where I am today.

How did your impression of insurance change since becoming a professional insurance specialist?

I never thought into it before, but virtually anything in life needs insurance – from car driving to house owning to running a commercial enterprise or non-profit. Becoming an insurance professional has made me aware of the great impact I can have on a person’s life.

Now that you have been in the business for a good amount of years, what strikes you as an important aspect in regard to the agency a person chooses to acquire a policy from?

I’d say on the whole, it is how a given agency projects itself to the public and the manner in which the agency’s employees interact with customers that is so telling about the upper level in the company. An agency, like the one in which I am privileged to work for, that gives respect to staff members and clients, displays a working knowledge about the wide array of differing policies, and a passion for serving customers individual needs is the one I’d recommend as a go-to place for those seeking insurance coverage.

Do you have any tips to those that may have an interest in the field?

I sure do. For those that find a calling to assisting others and bettering their lives, the insurance field is definitely something to consider. Though there are pitfalls as in any niche in the business world, it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

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